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  Grow your Hair Naturally

Hair Growth Products

Hair Growth Products

Most hair growth products available today are either out of range for the average budget or inconvenient, as one must make appointments to have treatments done in a clinic setting. Hair Growth Laser 50 products are both convenient and affordable. You will have your treatments right at home when you want them.

The portable laser machines are on rolling stands that can be moved from room to room easily. When you are ready for your treatment just roll your machine over a comfortable chair and begin your treatment. Work at your computer or read a magazine or book. The portability of the machines is the ultimate in convenience.

There are no appointments to make with a clinic. Your treatments are conducted by you when you have the time. Today's schedules are very full and it's not easy to fit appointments into the day. Imagine having the treatment right at home.

The machines we have made available to you are also very effective. They use the same power level and technology as the machines in the hair loss clinics. You can actually cause the regrowth of your own natural hair.

This is not hair plugs or transplanted strands glued into your follicles. The lasers stimulate your follicles to increase healthy blood flow. The reduction of blood flow is a basic reason for hair loss.

Many health problems and internal conditions can cause hair loss, but what is actually happening is the blood flow becomes reduced or stops altogether. The follicle is then unable to continue the hair growth process.

Laser stimulation allows for the regeneration of your natural hair follicles and you will see thin hair become thicker. Hair will begin to grow where you have become bald. It's not necessary to accept baldness or thinning hair.

Hair growth laser units usually cost in the thousands of dollars or you must go to a clinic where they have the equipment. Hair Growth Laser 50 products are no more costly than perhaps the cost of the treatments at the clinic.

The advantage to purchasing your own home treatment laser unit is that you can treat yourself safely and effectively at a lower cost. We guarantee our hair growth products for a full four months. You must be satisfied with the results or we will refund your money.

Our laser units are designed to use the same power wattage and the same wavelength as the units that cost thousands more. The results are the same no matter which machine you utilize to get your hair back to its healthy state. The laser emitting diodes are the same in power and strength. 

Our hair growth products are just as effective as those found in hair loss clinic settings. They are more convenient.

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A new study published in the International Journal Of Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Dermatology showed a 95% increase in hair and a 78% increase in strength in both men and women using Low Level Laser Hair Therapy.

Further evidence of laser hair therapy efficacy was reported in a Dateline news survey of different hair loss treatments. Dateline Medical Experts: "Laser Hair Therapy had substantial results".

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