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  Grow your Hair Naturally

You are getting the exact same proven lasers found in the big clinical models

That’s right. All the big clinical lasers (that cost of thousands of dollars to use) have the exact same lasers, right down to the laser emitting diode units, as the Hair Growth Laser . You are getting the exact same lasers for a much lower price.

Even the handheld laser units use these exact same lasers. All LLLT lasers that are used to treat hair loss have these same specifications:

Power 5 to 9 milliwatts
Wavelength 650 nanometers

The reason all the devices use this exact same technology is simple – this is the “magic combination” that has been proven to get the best results.

Now your laser treatments are as easy as sitting in a chair

Let’s not forget another important point about regrowing your hair. You have to keep using the laser to see results. Using a handheld laser brush requires work. And we have heard it from countless men and women – they bought a laser brush but aren’t using it because it wears them out.

With an overhead hair laser (the kind used in the laser hair salons):

  • Hair regrowth treatments are easy to do – just sit in a chair and turn it on

  • Your arm never gets tired – no having to hold your arm up over your head for a long time

  • You can get things done during the treatment session – work on your computer, flip through a book or magazine, watch tv, etc.

We made all the Hair Growth Laser  units as easy to use as sitting down in a chair. This allows you to get the full results from the lasers.

You get TOTAL COVERAGE of your thinning areas

One of the problems in using lasers is covering the thinning areas fully. The brushes solve this by having you use your arm.

With the Hair Growth Laser you get 100% coverage of the entire thinning area for the entire time you are using it.

You scalp is bathed by fifty lasers the entire time.

No gaps.

No "hot spots" (where it is more comfortable to hold a brush).

Each of the lasers covers several square inches. There are so many of them that you get every square inch of your scalp covered several times over. This makes the treatment very effective.

You just turn it on, sit back and forget it. The lasers do all the work so you don't have to.

The Price of Hair Growth Laser Beats The Alternatives

Option Hands Free
# of 650 NM Lasers
  Leading Laser Comb No
1 split into 9 beams
  Hair Rejuvenator No
  Professional laser salons Yes
$3,000 - $6,000
  Hair Growth Laser Yes
only $695

More Lasers = Faster Results.
120 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Cost Effective

The price of the Hair Growth Laser is at a fraction of the cost of a lifetime of hair growth products.

The average cost of alternative hair growth products for just one year is estimated at:

Option Monthly $ Total
  Hair Vitamins
  Scalp Med
  Maintence laser salon treatments

*prices do not include additional cost of shipping

XP50 MaxLaser
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A new study published in the International Journal Of Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Dermatology showed a 95% increase in hair and a 78% increase in strength in both men and women using Low Level Laser Hair Therapy.

Further evidence of laser hair therapy efficacy was reported in a Dateline news survey of different hair loss treatments. Dateline Medical Experts: "Laser Hair Therapy had substantial results".

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